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At inconvo, we have carefully developed programs that ensure the wide spectrum of your unique requirements are met. Our programs are developed with you in mind to guarantee the greatest learning outcomes. All programs are delivered on our inconvo platform, a cutting edge SaaS Solution with capabilities that replicates a real life classroom all from the comfort of your own home or office.

Inconvo Team

The inconvo team is made up of a group of versatile individuals with a passion for knowledge and education from all walks of life.  Following years of research, design and implementation, we are proud and extremely excited to present the newest cutting-edge English language learning methodologies in the market and are looking forward to growing our inconvo community globally.

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Why English Language?

According to the most recent statistics, English is still the most widely learned, spoken and written language worldwide, with over 400 million native speakers. Over one billion people speak English as a foreign language. English is the main language used on the internet. As a result, the English language and skills associated with the language have become extremely important to many organizations as a factor in improving employee collaboration and dealing with global customers. In fact, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit report, international communication skills are intricately connected to international competitiveness, with 89% of corporations linking cross-border communication to market share and profit indicators.

Why English language knowledge matters?

In today’s globalized environment, where economies of all countries are interconnected in one way or another, English language skills have become the number one vital condition for the business world. It allows for lower corporate risks, knowledge sharing, employee effectiveness and, as a result, lowered costs.


Traditional learning has been around for decades, however in the face of the transformed, globalized economy, it fails to adapt to current needs of corporations that work on an international level. This constitutes a major concern for many companies, as resources such as time and money are wasted on an outdated learning system that simply does not deliver results in an efficient manner.


In response to the current demands of the English language education market, inconvo has developed a unique solution that implements the needs of corporations  – individually-created corporate programs that are 100% tailored specifically to the needs of each single learner.

 Meet The inconvo Teachers

Teachers are the ones responsible for making our program a success. Not only do they teach our curriculum but they work hard to make the classes fun and interesting for our students. We have quality teachers who take learning and educating seriously. Many have years of experience teaching not only at home but internationally as well. Nearly all are certified teachers or with a high level degree. They come from diverse backgrounds that influence their teaching in meaningful ways, approaching each student with patience and understanding.


The inconvo teachers are simply exceptional. With extremely strict guidelines to succeed and continuously abide by, our team of teachers are one of the key differences that sets us apart from our competitors. Some of the guidelines to become an inconvo teacher include:

  • Native English Speakers
  • Certified – CELTA/TEFL/TESOL certificate or equivalent, with 120+ hours in-class course from a reputable school or institution.
  • Minimum 2+ Years Teaching Experience – Combined in person, abroad or online.
  • Minimum 1+ Years Teaching Abroad Experience – This prerequisite ensures our teachers have experienced true cultural immersion and are open-minded, receptive and interested in cultural understanding.
  • Passionate – About teaching, education, languages and people.
  • Lively – Ability to engage students and provide them with a dynamic learning environment.
  • Personable – Ability to create a friendly, approachable atmosphere.



inconvo offers 24 hour online support to all clients. During live sessions, inconvo is proud to announce a 2 minute response rate ensuring any technical difficulties do not interfere with the learning process of the client.